Registration for the Scandinavian Blues Contest.

Print and send the formulary fully completed + appendix with regular mail before April 1 to:


Bluesförening  / FfBF

Hagagatan 5
383  37  Mönsterås



Rules of the contest are:
Six bands will be selected to the finals on Main Street on Saturday. The artist or the band who will perform the "Best Act" will be the winner.
"Best Act"  means:

Acting / Shows / Props
Communication with the audience
Instrumental / vocal effort


The winner will be announced at Torget, stage 10 during Saturday.

A jury select the winner of the Scandinavian Blues Contest.
The jury are absolute and  consist of people who work in different ways of blues and  media.

First price is a gig at the Blues Festival next year.

The winner  will also get a gig at Tidaholms Bluesfestival next year.


The audience will also have the possibility to vote for Peoples Choice. The voting will continue until  2:00 PM.  





Registration form

For the six selected artists to the Scandinavian Blues Contest, will be given compensation as:

400 SEK  per member in the group.
Travel expenses, not exceeding 1500 SEK .
Accommodation (in a single trip exceeding 300 km)
One meal / band member.
(Breakfast at accommodation)
Festival accreditation.
Participants will use their own PA and backline.


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