Artist release no. 3

Erika Baier: Erika who now lives in Stockholm originally comes from Timmernabben in Mönsterås municipality and started early as a hostess at Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival. One of her assignments was to take care of Sven Zetterberg. Sven became Erika's mentor and friend and helped her find her voice and encouraged her to dare to take the stage and sing. The band also consists of Greger "Knock-Out Greg" Andersson, harmonica and guitar - Thomas Hammarlund, guitar - Urban Hed, bass and Michael Johansson on drums.

The Lowdown Saints: The Lowdown Saints were formed during the Corona year 2020 in Gamla Stan Stockholm where they acted as house bands every week during a period when large parts of the live music were more or less down. The band was welded together and plays a high-octane mix of Lowdown Blues, Rock n´Roll and Rhythm n´Blues served by: Tommy Moberg - Drums and vocals, Hannes Mellberg - Guitar, Felix Matthiessen - Guitar and vocals, Karl Ivert - Bass and Torbjörn Eliasson - keyboards and saxophone.

The Chargers: Comes from Mönsterås and Kalmar. The band last played at Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival 2018. After a few years in the mothballs, the band consisting of Andreas Petersson - vocals and guitar, Håkan "Svisse" Svensson - guitar, Anders Haglund - keyboard, Thomas Johansson - bass and Mathias Sjögren hits the drums .


Calling of The Blues: Simon Karlsson, brings along Martin Olsson, Deja Demoss and Karl-Johan Öhlin. The boys come from Mönsterås and Kalmar.


The Stirmakers: Erik Engström leaves Uppsala and returns to Mönsterås again. Together with Deja DeMoss and Kenneth Hellström, the band will be complete.

Thörner Band: Västervik is home to Leif Thörner's band that sings and plays guitar. Other members are Mikael Greiffe, Robert Ljungberg and Jörgen Rengren.


Blues Ambassadoors: The band premiered at last year's festival. Lennart "Dr Blues" Olofsson sings and plays guitar. Conductor are Magnus Hasselgren, Victor Johansson - bass and Mattias Sjögren play drums. Hometowns are Växjö, Oskarshamn and Mönsterås.


Love & Hate: Kalmar band that traditionally plays on stage 1 at 2.00  p.m. on Saturday May 28.


TNT Bluesband: In 2011 the band was formed and this year has promised to play acoustic blues. Anders Egerbo plays bass and sings and Fari Blues from Malmö sings and plays guitar.


The Oldsfire Band: Andreas Hasselgren from Malmö is reunited with Oskarshamn's gang Hanna Lundin, Victor Johansson and Magnus Hasselgren. The last link is Mattias Sjögren from Mönsterås.


Dohrnér & Petersson Americana Repetoar: Michael Dohrnér and Andreas Pettersson are the name of the musical duo who comes from Kalmar.

Muskedunderorkestern: Comes from Mantorp and plays self-made blues in Swedish. The members are: Björn Svensson, Mats Öberg, Rille "The Rock" Karlsson and Pär Björkman.


Scandinavian Blues Contest: After a 2-year break due to Covid-19, the competition resumes which attracts bands from all over Sweden and this year a contribution from Denmark.

The competitors are Blue Lightning, Norrtälje. Bogefors & Mats, Lund. Asker Hvidepil, Copenhagen. Touch of Blues, Skogås.

Tomas Jo´ Group, Henån.

Martin & The Midnight Men, Vattholma


Artist Release no.2


Alabama Mike (US): Michael A Benjamin was born in 1964 in Talladega, Alabama, and there we find the explanation for his stage name. Through military service in the US Navy, Mike ended up in San Francisco, which is still his home. The blues artist who is also modestly called "The future of the blues" has an early Chicago style that is reminiscent of the sound from early Chess Records and the song is reminiscent of a young BB King. Like several blues artists, Mike started singing gospel in church and since 1999 he has been a professional singer and recorded several solo albums and also appeared on records with Andy T Band.

Mike Sanchez (UK): Mike named Jesus Miguel Sanchez was born in north London in 1964 to Spanish parents. Mike now lives in Spain where he moved in 2010. Since 1982 he has toured all over the world. The singer and pianist offers a fast-paced mix of rhythm and blues, rock ´n´roll, boogie woogie, blues and rockabilly. In addition to his solo career, Mike is also associated with Big Town Playboys, Jeff Beck, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings and The Big Six. Mike goes to the USA this Easter where he plays at the world famous festival Viva Las Vegas.

West Coast Blues All Stars featuring Junior Watson & Fred Kaplan (US): A nice reunion to Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival is the California based band that played at the festival 2017. Junior Watson who both sings and is a master of guitar. In addition to his own career, he has been a member of The Mighty Flyers and Canned Heat. Fred Kaplan on piano and organ is best known as a member of the Hollywood Fats Band. Fred is also a member of the Hollywood Blue Flames. Bassist is Kedar Roy and on drums is Rena Beavers who also plays with Coco Montoya.

Little George Sueref (UK): It's finally time again! 19 years ago (2003) Little George visited the Festival. He is inspired by the classic down-home roots blues such as. Jimmy Reed and Muddy Waters but also soul music by Sam Cook and Johnnie Taylor. Little George started performing with Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings before starting his own band, Little George Sueref and the Blue Stars. Come and see Little George again on Saturday 28 May.

Mönsterås Blues band: MBB, which was formed in 1974, is better than ever. Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival was started by the band in 1994 to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Since then, the group has played at all but one festival !? The vital men are, Calle Engström, Mats Grönqvist, Peo Fahlström, Victor Johansson and Tommy Medner.

Cirkus Prütz: When blues giant Joe Bonamassa put together a list of the best blues music in 2019, he chose only one Swedish band - Cirkus Prütz. This Swedish supergroup consists of members from Electric Boys and The Quill. The latest album "White Jazz - Black Magic" is released worldwide by Metalville. The 10 songs are written by the band members. The band consists of Mönsterås son Christian Carlsson - lead vocals and guitar, Franco Santunione - vocals and guitar. Jerry Prütz - bass and vocals and Per Kohlus who plays drums.

Blues Squad: Västervik is the base for this new band with 6 experienced members. The band members are: Katarina Nilsson, Anders Fogelqvist, Nils-Erik Bülow, Kent Edmark, Björn Danielsson and Lars Nilsson.


Ikonerna: Ikonerna are a novelty for the festival. They were booked already in 2019 but a sudden case of illness put a stop to Stellan Lindeberg, Dan Ekholm, Noa Ekholm and Håkan Hammarsten. Hometowns are Oskarshamn and Berga.

Rårört: The always productive Peter O Ekberg project in partly new design. New singer is Hanna Rees. The other members are Mats Johansson, bass and Tommy Medner on drums.


Kjell Arvidsson Blues Band: Kjell, vocals and harmonica come to Mönsterås with Marcus Carlsson, Rolf Magnusson, Bengt Eklund and Christer Palm. Hometown is Kalmar.

Bluesters Rot- Orkester: Kalmar band consisting of Leif Kindgren, vocals, guitar, harmonica. Tommy Fridolfsson plays guitar and sings, Per Carlsson, bass and behind the drums is Stefan Lagesson.


Bäckström / Lövmo / Medner Trio: New exciting group with lots of routine consisting of Kenn Bäckström, Olof Lövmo and Tommy Medner. Plays on stage 5 between 3: 45-4: 45 on Saturday May 28.


Artist Release no. 1


Little Victor (US): His career began on the world-famous music street Beale Street in Memphis, where Victor as a 14-year-old performed six days a week and was given the artist name Little Victor. He is also known as "The Beale Street Blues Bopper". The collaboration with Louisiana Red made Victor famous and the albums Back To The Black Bayou and Memphis Mojo were both acclaimed. In 2010 Louisiana  Red & Little Victor's Juke Joint performed at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis and in 2011 the same band came and was the headline at Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival. This was the last appearance in Sweden of Louisiana Red who died on February 25, 2012. Now Little Victor is up to date with the new album Deluxe Lo-Fi.


Jo´Buddy´s Trio Riot (FI): From Finland and Helsinki comes this experienced trio who are currently with the album Rhythm ´N´ Roll Rumble. The band consists of Jo´ Buddy on vocals and guitar who is in his 39th year as a touring musician. Mitja Tuurala plays bass and Down Home King III plays drums. Famous Los Angeles guitarist Junior Watson says of Jo´ Buddy, "He's one of the world's best guitarists.


Million Dollar Tones (FI): From Riihimäki in Finland comes this 8 man strong rhythm & blues and rock n´ roll orchestra with roots in African American music. The group started in 2010 and is up to date with the latest album That´s Right! The Blues Palace is guaranteed to swing on Saturday night. The band consists of Antti Pajula who sings. Albert Hallikainen plays guitar. Marko Lamminmäki sits behind the drums. Marcus Packalén, bass and Timo Uusiheimo play the piano. The horn section consists of Ari Toivonen, tenor saxophone and harmonica, Petri Rinta-Opas, baritone saxophone and Ide Miettinen, trumpet.


Eva & The Blue Boys: Gothenburg band that won both the jury's vote and the audience's choice of the Scandinavian Blues Contest. The jury's motivation is: With a song that touches, great musicality, joy of playing and good audience contact, the 2019 winner of the Scandinavian Blues Contest, Eva & The Blue Boys. The group consists of Eva Karlefjärd on vocals. Lars-Olof Johansson plays guitar. Bo Hansson, piano. Conny Sävmo, bass and Kent Helgesen are behind the drums.


Blue Soulution:Stockholm band that won Tidaholm's Blues Festival's competition Tidaholm Blues Challenge. The band consists of Hannes Mellberg, guitar. Carl Kratz, guitar. Matte Rosén, harmonica / song. Thomas Lingman drums and Stefan Lindell on double bass.


Oskarshamns Folkhögskola: It is always exciting to see and hear the students from Folkhögskolan. The group returns every year, but the setting is obviously different. As tradition dictates, the students begin the festival in the Blues Palace on Friday 27 May at 3:30 PM


Ulf Sandström:Sweden's best Master of ceremonies will once again gild the festival. In addition to presenting artists and guiding the audience, he will,on Saturday, offer his unique Boogie-Woogie show as a solo artist.


Royal Blues Band: This quartet comes from Enköping and Västerås, which is a recurring element in the festival. The members are Göran Fredricsson, Per Svanberg and Thomas Björklund.


Blekinge Bluesorkester: Karlshamn is home to Kjell Andersson - bass, Michael Stjärnqvist - drums and Anders Hjelm who sings and plays guitar.  They will perform both Friday and Saturday.


Thunderbay Bluesband: Peter Björk, Magnus Sjökvist, Johan Olsson, Johan Gustavsson are the members who live in Oskarshamn and Mönsterås. The band was performed  at the same stage as the English legends Nine Below Zero in Oskarshamns Folkets Park on March 4.


Bluesettes: Local blues heroes who play famous blues songs with their own Swedish lyrics from a female perspective. On Saturday you will meet Linette Engström, Eva Bergquist, Sofi Heller, Maj-Lis Gustafsson, Kenn Bäckström and Tobias Svensson.


Mönsterås Musikkår: Come and listen to Mönsterås Musikkår on Torget at 3:00 PM Saturday 28 May.