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Artist release no.3

Lady A (USA): Music club From The Soul proudly presents Lady A, who hails from Seattle and offers soul, blues, gospel and funk with an energy and charisma that cannot be avoided. Previously, she was under 18 a member of the band Lady A & The Baby Blues Funk Band. In total, she has recorded six albums and two singles under the name Lady A. The backing band is Top Dogs from Stockholm.


Kenn Bäckström Trio Feat. Lövmos:

The married couple Olof and Louise Lövmo from Kalmar perform together with the experienced backing band consisting of Anders Thurfjell - bass, Johan Ekelund - drums and Kenn Bäckström on guitar.


Kräm: With Silas Eriksen on the screaming saxophone, fiery guitar solos by Gustav Olsson, heavy bass lines by Aron Wikström, drum solos with elements of Cream's Ginger Baker and Jimi Hendrix Mitch Mitchell by Vilmer Wikström & fast-paced percussion arrangements with the whole band, the quartet Kräm becomes an incredibly quirky and interesting attraction! Phenomenal rhythms are mixed with the essence of 60s rock in an energetic spectacle. Watch out when these young guys from Kalmar take the stage.”

Oskarshamns Folkhögskola: A meeting place for people with different backgrounds, ages, religions and interests. Guiding stars in the daily work are quality, care and growth. For several years, they have delivered high-class jazz, soul and blues music at the festival. That was the rationale for the Mönsterås Blues Scholarship awarded to the school last year, which comes with a new set this year.


Ikonerna: New to this year's line-up of Ikonerna is the violinist Geza Polonyi, who is originally from Hungary. Other members are Håkan Hammarsten, Dan Ekblom, Noah Ekblom and Stellan Lindeberg. Home towns are Oskarshamn and Berga.


The Snapshots: Rockabilly & Rock'n'roll from Kalmar and Öland with roots from the 50's. The band started 2008. The members are Johan Måhlgren - vocals and standing bass, Marcus Carlsson - vocals and guitar, Stefan Jadefjord - guitar and Sonny Carlsson - drums.

Bluesettes: The band was formed 30 years ago under the name Wolves and played its first gig at the first Blues Festival on May 7, 1994. The performance brought a record deal. The band's name has changed over the years as Götasalongen and Hvita Bandet. The two original members Linette Engström and Eva Bergquist have been constantly working on translating the lyrics into Swedish and adapting them to a female singer.


Hazel & The Tough Nuts: Magnus Hasselgren has for a long time been a band leader and guitarist in his own groups. He has also been an accompanist for both Swedish and international artists. This year with a new constellation together with Fredrich Rönnholm – drums and Lars Svensson on bass.

Thunderbay Bluesband: Oskarshamn is home to Thunderbay Bluesband, which started in 2017. The musical roots are taken from the American South. Typical for the band is slide guitar and lap steel guitar. The members are Magnus Sjökvist vocals and guitar, Peter Björk, Linda Sjöbeck, Johan Olsson & Johan Gustavsson.

Thörner Band: The band consists of the eminent guitarist Leif Thörner on vocals, Michael Greiffe on drums and Mattias Johansson on bass. Thörner Band plays "BluesRock/Funky Blues". The group has played for over ten years at Mönsterås Blues And Roots Festival and is always a sight to behold with Leif's characteristic guitar solos among the audience!.


2 trubadurer: The group started in 2011 in Kalmar and changes form during time. Jonas Rajala is the connecting link. In 2017, they started building cigar box guitars. The instrument was developed at the end of the 19th century when musicians could not afford to buy instruments. The construction is simple with a cigar box a plank, some screws and 3 strings. Come and experience the wings of history.


Mönsterås Musikkår: The music group offers a musical journey among the "blue tones". From ragtime and blues to Weather Report and Bluesbrothers. Guaranteed swinging.


The Oldsfire Band: Andreas Hasselgren from Malmö returns to the east coast and brings his new singer Hanna Blixt with him. Other members are Magnus Hasselgren – guitar, Victor Johansson – bass, Mattias Sjögren – drums.


Kulturbruket Högsby: Högsby's Culture School organizes music courses for young people in Högsby. Courses are available in guitar, vocals, drums, piano and horns.


Clarksdale Express: A well-known music profile from Västervik is Lasse Nilsson, who returns with his Clarksdale Express. Other members are: singer Katarina Nilsson, Nils-Erik Bülow, Peter Andersson, Kent R Edmark and Björn Danielsson.

Artist release no.2


Lowdown Saints: Here we are talking a high-octane mix of Rhythm'n Blues, Oldschool Blues and fast-paced Rock'n Roll with two guitarists at the front! The band consists of Tommy Moberg - vocals, drums. Hannes Mellberg – guitar. Felix Matthiessen – guitar. Gustav Almstedt – harmonica. Urban Heed – double bass.

Ulf Sandström / Bo Gustavsson: Ulf returns as a master of ceremonies and also brings his Boggie-Woggie piano. We recognize Bo from Dag Vag, Kjell Gustavsson's Rhythm & Blues Orchestra and Louisian Avenue. Together, they are both the core of the band Jump4Joy.


Virginia and Skybenders Feat Delta Friends: Take the opportunity to see the band in Sweden as they now play few gigs at home. During 2024, there will be several trips to Germany and also the Nordic countries. The band was formed in 2007 and consists of Virginia Philblad who sings, Svenne Jansson - Hammond organ / keyboards, Joakim Wahlander - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, choir, Peter Höglander - bass, harmonica, choir, Tobias Samuelsson - drums / percussion and Branko Bergstrand - harmonica.

Angstbadan: After the acclaimed appearance in 2023, there was no doubt that last year's biggest surprise, Angstbadan, would get a place in this year's festival. Soulful Blues, retro-inspired rock, psychedelic improvisation and roots from Americana in a fantastic mix delivered by Filip Karlström - vocals and guitar, Elin Tannerdal - bass, Lada Egolaeva - keyboards and Johan Kalla - drums.


Slap Back Joe: Seasoned musician who started the band in 2017 playing Blues and Rock covers. During the pandemic, they switched direction and play their own songs. Band leader, producer, songwriter and guitarist and singer is Raimo Rommedahl. Ninna Westerholm Karlsson – sings. Ulf Kandell – guitar. Håkan Olsson – bass and Thomas Persson plays drums.

Papa Grandpa: Janåke Bondesson was the singer and drummer of The Slaptones. Two albums were played in 2003 and 2004. The other members were his 3 daughters. The three sisters later formed Baskery. Can we hope for a guest game in Mönsterås?

Blues For Comfort: New trio from Karlshamn. Anders Hjelm previously worked in the Jan Stjärnhjelm Trio and Blekinge Blues Orchestra. Now he brings Alf Nilsson and Peter Svensson with him.


Royal Blues Band: Old faithful from Västerås and Enköping played for the first time in Mönsterås in 2014. Thomas Björklund, Göran Fredriksson, Per Svanberg and Kristian Dickson are the members.


The AW Group: From Gothenburg comes Anders Egerbo, who previously played in several constellations but now comes with a new group from his hometown. Timo Fransson, Dan Bäck, Michael Ilerud and Sten-Åke Barr are part of the group.


Bootleggers: Five musicians born in 2006 and 2007 lower the average age significantly. Home towns are Ålem, Torsås, Kalmar and Blomstermåla. The musicians are: Jesper Edman, Johanna Brännmark, Theodore Göransson, Anastasia Paljakova and Johan Danielsson.


Bogefors & Dunmar: Mattias Bogefors has delivered music for several years in Mönsterås. Now he returns with Patrik Dunmar. Blues in Scanian is delivered on Storgatan on Friday. On Saturday at Hotell Munken, Bogefors holds a harmonica workshop. Everyone is welcome and participation is free.


Bluesters: The winner of the Scandinavian Blues Contest 2018 returns to Mönsterås. Hometown is Kalmar and Nybro. The quartet consists of Tommy Fridolfsson, Martin Olsson, Tomas Lindgren and Michael Jonasson.


Higgins Blues Band: Emmaboda's finest blues band plays on Saturday 13:30 on stage 5. The band leader is Jan "Higgins" Gustavsson who sings and plays guitar, Jan-Åke Karlsson plays bass and behind the drums is Michael Stjärnkvist.


SLIT & SLÄP: plays heavy swinging blues rock and covers by Roffe Wikström and Albert Collins. The orchestra consists of Björn Svensson, Rickard Karlsson, Per Whiss and Mikael Falk.


Kjell Arvidsson Blues Band: Kjell has promised to have a realese concert with his own material for the festival. New to the band is Olof Sundström. The others are Kjell Arvidsson, Marcus Carlsson, Bengt Eklund, Christer Palm and Sven Andersson.

Artist release no. 1

Trudy Lynn (US): Trudy was born in 1947 in Houston, Texas. In the musical family was her cousin Al "TNT" Braggs who was an R&B singer and productiv songwriter for Bobby "Blue" Bland. Together with their 5 siblings, the family performed in talent shows. Albert Collins was the one who got her on stage while she was in high school and after that Trudy had found her calling. With 14 Blues Music Award nominations, of which the latest in 2023 in the categories Soul Blues Album with the record Golden Girl and Soul Blues Female Artist and have released 18 albums. Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival 2024 gets a dignified end.

Shawn Pittman (US): Shawn is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer. He was born in Oklahoma in 1974 and started playing the piano at the age of 8. Through drums, the interest moved to the guitar in the early teens. At the age of 17, Shawn moved to Dallas, Texas. Nowadays he lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With 15 albums to his credit, the latest of which Hard Road was released in autumn 2022. Over the years he has made over 30 visits to Europe. Shawn will close the Friday at Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival.

The Özdemirs (DE): From Germany comes the family-based group with father Erkan Özdemir at the head and the two sons Kenan on guitar and vocals and Levent on drums and vocals. The Özdemirs have played with many American and European artists such as Kirk Fletcher, Sugaray Rayford, Tad Robinson and Johnny Rawls. The group will be reinforced with a total of 7 people including the horn section. The group will also be joined by Trudy Lynn and Shawn Pittman.

Muddy What? (DE): From Munich comes this trio that has quickly become one of the most used blues bands in Europe. No wonder they won the German Blues Challenge 2021, Finalist in the European Blues Challenge 2022 and semi-finalist in the International Blues Challenge 2022. The band consists of siblings Fabian Spang on guitar and vocals, Ina Spang, guitar and mandolin and Michi Lang on drums and bass. 2 different sets, one acoustic and one electric, will be offered at the Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival.

Baskery: Expect "banjopunk", "newfolk", "nordicana" - an energetic live show and hair-raising sharp sibling voices! Baskery is Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson. Since their inception in 2008, they have released four full-length albums and successfully toured the world. Regardless of where the Swedish sisters are, the audience exclaims that they have neither seen nor heard anything like it – that Baskery has a completely unique set and performs with what seems to be an inexhaustible energy. The setting is: Greta – banjita, guitars, drums and vocals. Stella – double bass and vocals. Sunniva – electric guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals.

Tilting Sky: Plays happy, swinging original music with elements of soul, Americana, blues, rock and R&B. Crafts and fun. Songs with touching lyrics. Sometimes serious but not burdensome. Listen to the organ as a "hanging carpet" and the amazing guitar loops - goosebumps! . The band consists of: Sverker Blomberg - vocals, Erik Pettersson - keyboards, Tomas Sjölander - guitar, Silver VM - vocals and percussion, Patrik Norrman - bass and Tommy Medner on drums.

Slidin' Slim & Christer Ring: A new exciting collaboration between Anders "Slidin' Slim" Landelius and Christer Ring. For three decades, Anders has performed in almost all European countries and also the USA. The first time Anders played at Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival was in 1995. Christer Ring also plays with The Blue Devils where Clas Yngström also participates.

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