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Mönsterås Blues Scholarship:

This year's scholarship holder has a local connection and has previously worked as a volunteer at Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival.


Sven Zetterberg became both a mentor and friend and helped to find the voice and courage to stand on stage and sing.


Role models are Ruth Brown, Nina Simone, Etta James, Koko Taylor and Shemekia Copeland. The sound is dense, heavy, modern and combines deep roots with innovation and forward thinking.

The winner 2022 is

Erika Baier

Photo: Johan Gustavsson

Erika Baier

Winner 2021, Bluespodden: Fredrik Karlsson, Tommy Moberg & Joakim Blomgren

Winner 2020, Peter O Ekberg

Winner 2019, Hans Vendegren

Winner 2018, Clas Yngström

Winner 2017, Barrelhouse Chuck (posthumous)

Winner 2016, Ulf Sandström

Winner 2015, Roffe Wikström

Winner 2014, Bob Corritore

Winner 2013, Calle Engström, Anders Erlandsson and Lasse Hamnede

Winner 2012, Tommy Moberg
Winner 2011, Bill Öhrström
Winner 2010, Matti Norlin
Winner 2009, Peo Ljungberg
Winner 2008, Conny Rodson
Winner 2007, Tommy Löfgren
Winner 2006, Sören Karlsson, Kopparberg
Winner 2005, Bo Carlsson, Göteborg
Winner 2004, Jim Ingvarsson
Winner 2003, Blues Society Crossroads
Winner 2002, Lazy Lester
Winner 2001, Mönsterås Blues Band
Winner 2000, Jefferson, Blues Magazine
Winner 1999, Sven Zetterberg
Winner 1998, Peps Persson
Winner 1997, Knock Out Greg and Blue Weather
Winner 1996, Louisiana Red
Winner 1995, Janne Rosenqvist

Winner 1994, Stefan Sundlöf, Drummer​

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