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Artister 2006

Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham (US)

Bobby Parker (US)
Barbara Carr (US)

Johnnie Basset (US)

Hideaway (B)
Torbjørn Risager Blue 7 (D)

Memphis Gold (US)
Hoboken Slim (B)

Michael Dotson (US)

Dr Blue Beat (B)
The Bloosblasters

The Arrendators
East Side Soul

Sture Elldin Band feat. Little Hank

Köge Cajun Blues (D)

Cajun Peppar

Big Blue

Roadhouse Blues
White Socks Jazz Band

Pattern Ridge Blues Band


Hurley & The Blue Dots
Ken Bäckström & Mats Äleklint

Blues Deciples

Artister 2005

Tony Joe White (US)

Thornetta Davis (US)
Chicago Express

Freddie Hughes (US)
Johnny Rawls (US)

Chris Burns (US)
Lazy Lester & King Carl (US/S)

Danny Kane (US)
Little Wolter And The Blues Machine
Howlin´ Bill´s Blues Circus (B)

East Side Soul

Marc T And Christian Carlsson (B/S)
The Fat Bastards

Young Roosters Blues Band
Blues Treat

Walking Island Band

Groovy Eyes (S,FIN)
Roadhouse Blues

Mr. Bo & The Voodooers
Hill Blues Unit

Pattern Ridge Blues Band
Mönsterås Blues Band

Howlin´Bill & Little Chris (B)
Highway King & The Gearshifters
Magnus Hasselgren Band

White Socks Jazz Band
Per & The Ougadougou Blues Quartet

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