Artister 2012

Rich Harper Band (US)      

Sven Zetterberg      

The Beat From Palookaville      

Joanne Shaw Taylor (GB)      

T-Bear & Dukes of Rhythm      

Crazy Hambones (D,US,GB)      

Mönsterås Blues Band      

Patricia Page & The Prophets  (GB)      

Janne Schaffer Bluesband      

Honeyboy Slim & The Bad Habits      

Micke & Lefty Feat Chef  (FIN)      

Dale Smith Blusband (US,DK)      

No Possession Blues      

Soulmate (IND)      

Johan Toll & The Bluesshakers      

The Aces      

Blå Skåpet      

TNT Bluesband (S,US)      


On Que Bluesband      


Street Jam      

Skybenders Bluesband Feat Virgina Pihlblad      


Andreas Hasselgren band      

Southern Rhythm City Band      

Clarksdale Express      

JC Blues      

Sweet Jessi & the Blue Grapes      

Hometown Mojos      

Little King      

Pelle Lindberg Band

Artister 2011


Louisiana Red  (US)

Little Victors Juke Joint (US,N)

Michael Powers (US)

Roffe Wikström

Mikael Rickfors

Mönsterås Blues Band

Cherry Tess and Her Rhytm Sparks

BC & Heartkeys (med Loffe)

Tennesse Drifters

Blue Angela Mood

The Bad Sign Blues Band

Billy T Band (US,N)

Joakim Tinderholt (N)

The Domestic Bumblebees

Tanja and the Guitar Heroes 


Street Jam

The Juke Joint Pimps (D)

Peter Crow C & Didid Neumann (D)

TNT Bluesband  (S,US)

Hurley & The Blue Dots

Skybenders Blues Band

Blue Rockets

Peter Elmberg & African vibration


Peach Corner

No Possession Blues

Benny Ferander

Patrik Jansson Band


Elmore Jansson och Hårda Tider

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