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Artister 2010

Mud Morganfield (US)

Peter Nande Band (DK)
Louise Hoffsten

Wentus Bluesband (FIN)
Joel DeLuna (DOM)

JW Jones & Guest (CA)
Clas Yngström 

Hot Dog Taylor
Voodoo Boogie (B)

Tim Lothar & Peter Nande (DK)
Matti N Urban Clash med Anders Norudde
Rusty Roots (B)

Michael K's Rumble Pack
Bill, Slim & Guy 

The John Henry Orchestra (B)
Mönstrås Blues Band 

Skybenders Blues Band
Touch Of Blues 

Henry & Some Kind Of Blues

Blues Treat
Blue Angela Mood 

Morgondagens Svenska Blues
Queen Of Grace

The Oatcans

Highway Blues
The Bad Sign Bluesband

Blue Strangers
Just Started Rollin
Mike and his Swamp Indians

Artister 2009

James Harman (US)

Mr Bo & The Voodooers
Nathan James & Ben Hernandez (US)
Erja Lyytinen (FIN)

Deitra Farr (US)
Peter Nande Band (DK)

Kellie Rucker (US)
Rita Engedalen (N)

Pelle Lindberg Band
Jims Combo 

Tim Lothar Petersen (DK)
Black Coffee 

Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues
Spoonful of Blues (N)

Hot Dog Taylor
The Don Darlings 

Lazy Roosters
Catfish Charly 

Lil' Camille & The Rattletones
Mönsterås Blues Band 

Touch of Blues
Jacob & the Jackals

Under Wheelers
12Bar Blues 

S & B Blues Connection
Blues Treat

Street Jam 

The Flames
Queens Of Grace

The Aces
Nobodies Bluesband

Armadillo Blues

Raw Blues
Skybenders Bluesband

The Blue Blazers
Joe Spinaci Combo

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