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Artists 2008

Ana Popovic & Band (SRB/NL/US/I)

John Németh (US)

Conny Rodson & Band

Calle Engström & Friends

featuring Big Dave (B) &
Noomi Strågefors 

Red Rooster Revisited

Voodoo Boogie (B)

Hot Dog Taylor

Street Jam
Blues Treat 

Khalif "Wailin" Walter (US)
Interstate 40 Rhythm Kings 

Blue Comets
Andreas Galle Å Dom Andra 

Sir Walter projekt
Emil & The Ecstatics

The Arrendators

S&B Blues Connection
Clarksdale Express

J. Hermansson & Blues O.D
Third Generation (Mönsterås gymnasiet)

The Rodeos
Down South Blues

The Downhomers
Wallins Blues

Catfish Charly

Lazy Roosters
Kapten Blues

Rag Bag

Artists 2007

Sista Monica (US)

BB & the Blues Shacks (D)
Memo Gonzales & the Bluescasters(US)
Sven Zetterberg, Calle Engström & MBB
Krissy Matthews Band (UK)

Moose Brothers
Matti Norlin

The Arrendators
Last Call (B)

Big Bag of Blues

Johny Red
Björn Persson Bluesband

Funk You
PC & The Nighttrippers (B/S)

On Cue Bluesband

Blueass Bluesband
J. Hermansson & Blues O.D

B Kode
The John Henry Orchestra (B)

Bob´s Your Uncle
Hurley & The Blue Dots

White Socks Jazz Band
Blues Diciples

Conny Runeson
Second Generation

Bad Sign
Howlin´ Hawk & The Leftovers
Red Rooster Revisited

Down South Blues

The Clay Bay Wolves (FIN)

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